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Dutch Cycling Embassy and &Morgen; the link between cycling and mobility

&Morgen gets the wheels turning by helping government institutions solve their business cases concerning mobility in and accessibility of cities. Delivering original, sustainable and practical solutions ánd getting all the relevant stakeholders to coöperate: that’s what &Morgen stands for.

Chicken or egg?

We understand your ‘chicken-and-egg’ predicament: “People don’t cycle because there are no cycling tracks, but…, if you make cycling tracks, how do you know people will actually start using them?”

Our solution: a combined strategy of intelligent infrastructure design (hardware) and a proven campaign for cycling encouragement (mindware).


We know how to design cycling routes. In infrastructure design, the key to a good cycling network is:

1. Connectivity

A network linking to specific nodes like public transport hubs, universities, city center, recreational attractions, shopping malls, etc. In the beginning a focus on one or a few target groups, like commuters or students, helps to kickstart the cycling.

2. Comfort

A smooth ride, comfortable pavement, continuity in material and alignment, no sharp corners or steep inclines, safety and good lighting. The more comfort, the more attractive a cycling-route is and the more it will be used.

3. Experience

A beautiful route! Cycling is about experiencing your surroundings, the weather, the seasons, the smells and sounds. It is proven to make people happier and healthier.


We know how to get commuters cycling: promoting cycling (with government institutions as well as companies and employees) is a key ingredient in many of our proposed measures and project plans. In cycling encouragement we have 3 focus points:

1. Try it out!

Our cycling approach includes a testpool of (e-)bikes which people can test for free for 1 or 2 weeks. This shows big results in sustained bicycle use at relatively limited costs.

2. Include employers!

Approaching people through their employer helps get them to use a bike to commute to work. A possibility is to reward people by saving points through an app, with which they can earn money or buy items in a webshop.

3. Make it fun!

Set up a cycling campaign with rewards, battles and events to celebrate cycling and showcase the benefits. Over 14 local governments and more than 350 employers have already embraced this campaign to realise lasting different commuter behaviour.




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